Help is on the Way

Remember a time when you helped someone.  What were the circumstances?  What help did you provide? How do you think you solved a problem or made someone’s life easier?  How did the experience make you feel?  What was the gift for you in this exchange?  What might you feel grateful for?

Watch Your Words

Exchanging “pause” for “break” in workshop schedules seemed silly at first then I reflected on the difference I felt when I used the different words. Think of a word you use often that has an emotional charge for you.   How does using this word actually make you feel (in your body)? Is there another word you can use to describe the same thing? How does using that word make you feel?


Heads or tails? Regular or decaf? Walk or drive?  We’re choosing things all the time.  At stores or restaurants, the choices might be simple and the stakes might be small.  Maybe the choices get more complicated in your dating, career or family life.  Think of a choice you made recently.  What were your options? How did you feel about the process?

Black and Blue

William Gass wrote an entire book of metaphors for the color blue, On Being Blue. Write about 5 things that are black and capture the feeling of blackness.