Blue Skies


When I headed out to walk India the other morning, I was amazed by the blueness of the sky.

Chicago is not known for its sunny days, but sometimes, you don’t realize how wonderful something is – until you miss it.

Even though this winter has not been unduly harsh in temperature, after a chain of overcast days, I couldn’t help but notice how different my mood was when I felt directly connected to the sun, under a cover of blue. A few wisps of clouds only added to the blessing by establishing a little contrast.

I felt more energetic and optimistic. I found myself more willing to be spontaneous and adventurous. I seemed content to be alone, less eager for the distraction of a television or computer screen.

Even if I didn’t want to be outside, I didn’t want to lose sight of the amazing blue sky.

I think other people felt the same way.

In short interactions with store clerks or crossing guards or doormen – they all seemed especially upbeat and helpful.

It’s not just the sunshine that people respond to. I’m convinced that it’s the color blue itself. Indigo, periwinkle , cobalt, sapphire -– there are mane shades of blue in the spectrum. Everyone knows what SKY BLUE looks like.

I noodled around online for qualities and psychological associations with the color.














It has been said that the color represents confidence, in a non-threatening way, as in CALM AUTHORITY

The color is also associated with safety and trust.

It is universally liked. There are people whose favorite color might be red or green and other people who might be just as passionate in their dislike, but no one hates blue. It is universally liked.

I tried to understand the effect of the blue sky on my own mood and outlook. I had to think about horizons; how when you look out at a body of water, the blueness of the ocean merges with the sky. Or, if you see a mountain, the only thing bigger is the sky over it.

When I see blue, I think FOREVER. INFINITY. Rather than being overwhelmed by this, I feel comforted.

I have to refer to the classic tune. (Thanks, Mr. Berlin)

Blue skies smilin’ at me
Nothing but blue skies, do I see
Blue days all of them gone
Nothin’ but blue skies from now on…

Being buoyed by the vastness, the FOREVER-NESS of the sky is no small thing.


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