Your Presence is Required

When my nieces were young, I used to make a game out of giving Christmas presents. I would wrap a box within a box within a box within a box to teach them a lesson in deferred gratification. Now, that they’re grown, my Christmas gift-giving focus is on giving myself presents. No surprises here.  I could always buy myself something big, but I love unwrapping small parcels that I place under my half-size tree. For weeks, I’ll think about what I can give myself.   I want wireless speakers this year (Maybe a splurge). I also appreciate having a stash of fine chocolates, or leggings. There are a couple books I’d actually like the luxury of owning. Maybe a pair of extra warm socks or a subscription to a magazine would be nice.   I feel a special sense of gratitude that I can buy myself most of the things I need (or want), and I like to remind myself that these gifts can be little gestures of love for myself. How about you?   What would you especially like to gift yourself this year?

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