Take Care

I am trying to do something nice for myself everyday.  The gesture could be small, like drinking 8 glasses of water or filling up up my humidifier with water.  I’ve been realizing these little things are things I can truly be grateful for and that these actions reflect valuing myself, which is a bigger thing I can be grateful for.   What have you done for yourself today?  Have you thought about how grateful you are for it?


I’ve had to relearn how to write after my shoulder injury.  My fingers were very stiff and my grip was weak.  I’ve been able to make progress largely due to a foam ring which hugs my pen; an adaptive device.  I started to think about many devices that helped me adapt to physical limitations or environmental conditions.  I use a pillow to be comfortable for meditation.  I remember, as a seven year-old, having training wheels on my two-wheeler until I felt confident enough to ride without them.  What are some adaptive devices you’ve used in your life? How have they changed your experience for the better?

Raindrops on Roses

The most memorable song from the musical, The Sound of Music probably is Favorite Things. The lyrics begin “raindrops on roses…”   Make a list of why raindrops or roses might be special to you.

One Picture

One picture is worth 1000 words…we’ve all heard the saying. Look at a favorite painting or photograph. What are the first 10 words that come to mind? What might these words tell you about what you love? What do these words tell you about what you have special feelings for?