Hopping Trains (or Not)

Think of a time when you missed a train, or bus, or flight. What happened? What did you think about which would not have crossed your mind if all you connections occurred as planned.

Taking A Second Look

Have you ever looked back at photographs you’ve taken in a public place? Maybe a friend or family member was the focal point. Look at one such picture (a shot at a park or restaurant or….) Notice something that you can see in the background. Maybe something you didn’t notice when you first looked at the picture (a waiter almost dropping his tray or an unknown child smiling). Write a little story about something in the background you may be noticing for the first time.

Change in the Weather

It funny how much the weather can affect our moods. What’s the weather like in this moment? Describe what’s happening outside and how it affects you inside. Do you feel hopeful and adventurous? Tentative? Lethargic? Do you feel like being with others or hibernating alone?

Because They Come in Pairs

Gloves, shoes, socks, earrings…many things come in pairs. Think of a time when you lost one of pair. How did you feel?  What did you do with the solo piece?