Bucket List

When was the last time you drew up a bucket list? Maybe it featured things you want to do or places you want to see or people you want to meet before you die. Imagine something you can do now to give yourself a taste of something on your list. Maybe you can eat at a Peruvian restaurant if you can’t go to Machu Picchu (yet). Or maybe you can go to municipal airport if you hope to get a flying license one day. Can you identify ways your experience is like what you imagined? Can you identify ways you are surprised?

From a Feeling Place

Struggle, worry, joy, anticipation, contentment…  Consider different states of being. Choose one. Think of a situation or experience when this state was your dominant feeling. Write a description of the situation. What events or conversations preceded this experience? What actually transpired? What was the result? Why does this situation capture the essence of this quality?  Now, think of a situation when you felt gratitude. What was it about this situation that you feel sparked or contributed to your feelings of gratitude?

Lucky Me

Sometimes we can take good fortune for granted. Few things make us feel as grateful as reflecting on times when events in our lives surprise and delight us in unexpected ways. Consider a recent situation where you felt lucky? What made you realize your good fortune?  What did this turn of good fortune mean to you?  What were you able to do or able to do better because of your good fortune?

Stand Up for Stand-ins

Think of five things you like very much. For each item, think of at least one other thing that might serve as a good substitute.  (Think of more if you can.)  Why might these things serve as a good stand-in?  What qualities do they possess? Record your thoughts.